Looking for a House Near Highway 51, w/ a Big Yard for Pets & Ninja Warrior!

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  • Broken Arrow, Tulsa Area
  • 2 Beds+
  • 1 + 1/2 Baths
Buyers Property Description: 

My soon to be wife and I are so excited to move into our new home!

This home will enable us to grow closer together in our relationship, while also continuing to help us to do what we love!

I am really excited for the big yard, as eventually I am wanting to build my own American Ninja Warrior course, salmon ladder, warped wall, and everything! The big yard is also great for our pets to be able to run around and have some space to have fun too.

Maybe the best part will be the location near the highway, that way we can have easy access to get to work faster and all the other places we usuallly have to run to!

We look forward to being able to have guests over for game nights and friends over for bible study. 

Have you seen my dream home?