Don’t go for “no”… Find the “yes”

Have you ever heard someone say “celebrate the NO’s”?

I hear it all too often from people in every type of sales industry you can imagine.

Whether you look at Real Estate as a sales or service industry, this is definitely a phrase that gets tossed around pretty loosely.

It’s also one that I bought into for a number of years and consequently I missed the bigger picture.


Now, I get that the phrase is implying that, through averages, you will inevitably encounter a certain number of “no’s” to get to a “yes”.

The “no’s” are basically a measuring device to know how close you are to a “yes”. I don’t really see a problem with that but if you’re not careful, this becomes a slippery slope and can easily undermine the overall goal of your activities.

At some point, you have to stop and evaluate the effectiveness of what you’re doing.

This applies to the marketing and advertising you do, the conversations you have, appointments you go on… everything. (I cover this in depth in my new book “Buyer Listing: A Revolutionary Approach to Real Estate Marketing and Lead Generation”)

If we celebrate the “no’s”, it’s relatively easy to never experience the need to shift…. After all you’re still winning right?

It’s easy to get caught in the trap of thinking that your just one more “no” away from that yes. That may, or may not be the case.
For example, if you are calling your database looking for referrals and you have received 100 “no’s” and not one “yes” I think we could agree that’s not very effective. That’s going to lead to some pretty long hours and very disappointing results.

Often times we assume it has something to do with us… our delivery or skill set.

I have found that rarely to be the case. A great delivery for an offer that has no value is still likely to fall on “deaf ears”.
On the other hand, even poor delivery with something of high value will often get a “yes” because they want what you are offering.

The problem is most likely either:

1) You have the wrong audience
2) You have the wrong offer/message

Neither of those two things are a cause for celebration.

If you shift your focus to finding a “yes” vs. getting “no’s” your world will change!

With this approach you build value for the majority of people that get your message or offer rather than the minority.
When they have already accepted the invite to “come into your world” and have received value from you, they are much more likely to engage you when their need for your primary offer arises.  In the case of Real Estate, when they need to buy or sell a home, or know someone who does.

To do this you need to have layers of offers that you can make to people but the goal remains the same:

What value can you deliver to them on a regular basis that they both want to receive and is relevant to your primary objective?

The reality is most people in the world right now do not have an immediate need to buy or sell real estate.
So the question becomes:

“What can I offer to those that don’t have an immediate real estate need that will keep them engaged and make sure when they do, they call me”?
In my new book “Buyer Listing: A Revolutionary approach to Real Estate Marketing and Lead Generation” I cover in detail one of the most effective ways I have found to accomplish this.

You will want a variety of offers, but you certainly don’t want to be without the ones I cover in the book.

You can get a free copy here, my gift to you.

The key in figuring out what offers you need is to put yourself in your audiences’ shoes:

What do they value?
What would be interesting to them?
What will they say “yes” to?

Keep in mind, it is usually not something they already have readily available to them. You want to offer something unique or exclusive.
That is one reason that the “Buyer Listing” offers I cover in the book are so effective. People can’t get it anywhere else and it has a direct appeal to this social world we live in today.

If you find yourself thinking “great, another thing I have to do” and this sounds like work, you would be right.
It is work.

The difference is that it is far less work than having to reach 100 people to get one “yes” (or whatever the ratio may be).
The work will be worth it.

Go for more “yes” and you will enjoy more freedom, more sales and have a lot more fun doing it.

Be sure to grab your free copy of my new book (retail $12.99) before they run out!

Journey On,

Brian Inskip


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