How to get your sign in more yards right now

Want an awesome new listing this week? Today?

I’m going to cover three simple things you can do right now to get your sign into more yards right now.

Right now there are hundreds, if not thousands of homeowners in your market that already know they will be making a move in 2018. They know they will be putting their home on the market at some point (possibly very soon) and they know they will be hiring a real estate agent to help them.

Statistics tell us that 70% of those homeowners will only meet with one agent before listing their property.

Simply put, if you set an appointment with a potential seller, most of the time they will hire you.

It’s all about getting the appointment.

To do that we have to first figure out who is thinking of selling. We need them to “raise their hand”.

Here we will cover three simple things you can do, that your competition probably isn’t doing, to be a seller magnet and encourage these elusive sellers to come out of the woodwork and let their plans be known to you.

Ultimately, getting your sign in more yards!


Leverage the buyers you have looking for homes.

Create a Buyer Listing for them and get it out into your market like your life depended on it.

This is a double bonus as it not only serves your buyers but also turns you into a seller magnet.

If you aren’t up on exactly how to do this, or haven’t experienced the magic for yourself, grab a copy of my Book “Buyer Listing – A Revolutionary Approach to Real Estate Marketing and Lead Generation” ASAP. It’s $12.99 on Amazon and can make you a boat load of $$$ this year while doing really cool things for your buyer clients!

It’s pretty simple though, if I were thinking of selling my home and I saw a list of active buyers looking in my area, I would want to know more.

Step 2

Call everyone you know in your market (database) and ask a simple question:

“Is there anything I can help you with”

I compare it to being at a restaurant. If you are seated at a table and no one ever comes to take your order, check on you, fill your drinks, offer dessert etc… You probably wouldn’t call it great service, right?

You would be pretty upset if you had to go hunt down your server every time you wanted something.

That’s all we are doing when we check in with our database. We are just checking in to make sure all their needs are taken care of and be of service.

Super simple and not salesy at all!

While you are doing this be sure to mention your Buyer Listings from Step 1 and offer to send them your list of active buyers. They can become amazing connectors when the have the right tools.

Step 3

Keep it simple.

As mentioned earlier it is all about getting the appointment.

To do this you either need to be first, stand out a bit or have someone refer you.

Following steps one and two will surprise you in how effective they are in helping you accomplish all of those feats.

Exhaust the simple and most effective tools at your disposal before allowing the complicated, competitive and inefficient ones to grab your attention.

You will probably find that focusing on simple and eliminates the need or desire to pursue the complicated!

So three simple steps:
Create Buyer Listings and start marketing them asap
Call your database and ask how you can help
Keep it simple

Do this and you will not only feel great, you will be able to get more signs out sooner which ultimately means you’ll get to help and serve more buyers and sellers this year!

Let us know how we can help! Drop a comment below or shoot me an email!

Journey On,

Brian Inskip


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