What will your journey through 2018 look like?

Where will you take your business?

What personal experiences will mark your path when it’s all said and done?

Will you reach a new financial summit?

These are the types of questions I’ve been asking myself recently from both a personal and business perspective, so I wanted to pass on a few thoughts for you to ponder as you chart your own course.

1. Do you know where you are going in 2018?

If you look at this question as a “black and white” yes/no option (no gray area or middle ground), what would your answer be?

“Yes, I know where I’m going”


“No, I don’t know where I’m going”

I’ve had plenty of times where in the business, hustle & bustle or grinding it out that I will suddenly look around and realize my answer to this question is NO!

At that moment you realize you are effectively lost!

Not good!

What really intrigues me about this is best understood by a simple comparison. Consider the following example and how it could relate to this idea of mapping out your year in advance.

With the Holidays coming up you are probably starting to form some ideas of what they will look like for you. You are making plans. You are deciding where you will go, what you will do. You are preparing, making lists and checking them off.

Let’s say those plans include a bit of travel. You are going to determine where it is you are going and probably use some sort of GPS navigation to help you get there.

Essentially you are going to have a map for your Holiday Season.

I still use a map to get around in my hometown that I have lived in my entire life. Sometimes that means I’m using a memory map or landmarks to get to a familiar spot.

But there are still plenty of times I find myself needing to get to a location that I have never been before.
In that case I’m whipping out the GPS. Even if I have a general idea of where I’m going.


Because the GPS tells me the exact directions to get where I want to go and saves me from wandering around aimlessly or getting lost completely.
It makes the journey easier.

It would almost seem reckless that we would rely on maps in so many cases yet wonder into an entire year of our life without one.
I’ve been caught on more than one occasion thinking I had a map, which I called “goals”, only to realize halfway through the year that all I really had was a destination.

Goals are not a map for your year, they are only part of it.

I am so passionate about this topic and how much having a real map can simplify and enhance the coming year for you that I am opening up a special training in December to go deep on this topic.

I will be covering the 3 Essential components that every map needs to have and walking you through a simple process to create your own map for 2018.
I am confident that having these tools in place will enhance your journey in 2018 and beyond and help you arrive at the destination you desire.
I hope you will join me and decide that you are going to enter 2018 with a clear plan and avoid that panicked moment when you look up and realize…. “I’m lost”.

Lets go the other direction and make it an exceptional year, on purpose!

To register for my free Map Your 2018 Journey LIVE Webinar just click the link below!

Journey On,
Brian Inskip


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