Making S’more Progress for your Life and Business


I love a good campfire… I even love a bad one…  for so many reasons. You’re out in the fresh air, watching the flames dance, listing to crackle of both the fire and laughter of your friends and family. Unwinding beneath the stars, unplugged and enjoying an increasingly rare presence, it is truly a place of zen for me.

A few weeks ago, my family and I enjoyed our first fire of the season on a perfectly cool evening and clear Midwestern sky.

So what does any of that have to do with progress?

There is a whole array of implications, like having balance in your life, but I want to focus on one thing in particular that struck me on that evening.

As I’m relaxing and having a great time, eventually letting out that breath that tells the universe… you can’t bother me right now, I’m relaxed (if you don’t know what I’m talking about you need to go unplug immediately)

I’m thinking this can’t get any better, then… here comes the s’more stuff…

If you are unfamiliar with what a s’more is, it is a magical combination of fire roasted marshmallow sandwiched between graham cracker and Hershey’s chocolate… and they are amazing.

Normally, I am an avid “no desert” kind of guy; I’m just not big on the sweets.

S’mores however are a different story.

So I roast my marshmallow perfectly golden and am enjoying my s’more and I start thinking… since that’s what you can do when you’re unplugged by a campfire.

I’m passing the bag of marshmallows around and it hits me… at some point these didn’t exist!

Same goes for the graham crackers.

And the Hershey’s chocolate bar.

Even the campfire if we really want to go back in time.

I did some research and learned that no one really knows where s’mores came from or when they were invented. The first major appearance dates back to 1927 when the recipe appeared in a Girl Scout publication.

For the s’more to be enjoyed the marshmallow had to be invented. The first form dates back to the 1800’s, a century before the s’more came around. It wasn’t until the 1900’s that they made their way to the United States and the technology was developed to produce them for mass consumption.

Also in the 1800’s the Graham Cracker was invented by a Presbyterian minister as a solution to support a vegetarian diet.

Chocolate goes all the way back to 1900 BC but the first Hershey Bar wasn’t produced until 1900.

Each of the components that make up this tasty treat first didn’t exist, then existed in isolation as a stand-alone snack enjoyed by many and then found each other to provide the ultimate bonfire side dish.

I thought about how many people, throughout the course of history, have enjoyed the components that make up a s’more, individually, but had not been privy to the experience of putting them all together.

The point is this.

Each component of the s’more, the graham cracker, Hershey chocolate and the marshmallow, are all made up of individual ingredients.

Those ingredients had to be combined in new ways to create the familiar treats we enjoy today.

Then those treats had to be married together to create the s’more.

This is innovation… for those of you that have had a s’more, you know, this is progress.

But take notice at how long it took for someone to make that happen.

And it doesn’t stop there.

I grew up enjoying the traditional version of the s’more, which became widely known in 1927.

For most of my life I knew a s’more to be graham cracker, Hershey’s chocolate bar, and marshmallow.

Then on one particular camping trip with friends, again around the campfire, it was time for s’mores.

Except instead of Hershey’s chocolate bars, these friends had brought Reeces Peanut Butter Cups.

That took s’more to a whole new level in my book and is now my new standard.

The trap we often fall into is in thinking anything is ever complete, as good as it can be, optimal or otherwise.

There are always improvements that can be made, innovations to be unleashed, new ways to look at things… this is what History shows us, all the way from the s’more to the internet, space travel, mediacl care… you name it.

In the case of the s’more, what will be next?

Perhaps someone will figure out how to provide the same great treat in a healthier version…  maybe someone will be inspired by the concept of a fireside treat and bring something brand new to the “picnic table”… who know what will be next.

The only thing I am sure of is there will be something next.

There will be improvement, progress and better things to come.

With this perspective I would encourage you to take a look at buyer listings, check out our agent resource page to learn more.

Look at how we are combining great ingredients in new ways so you can enjoy s’more progress in your real estate business!

Journey On,

Brian Inskip


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