In the world of real estate there are many challenges that you, as an agent, must overcome in order to have a successful business.  It can certainly start to feel a bit daunting if you don’t have a clear process for prioritizing the order in which things need to happen… and yes there are priorities and there is a road map.

The real problem is not that there are a variety of tasks demanding our attention, it is the feeling that they all need attended to right now and carry equal weight in terms of driving our business forward.

This simply is not the case. I recently had the privilege of attending an event with the co-author of one of my favorite books “The One Thing”. At the event Jay Pappasan presented a compelling case (backed by extensive research and evidence) that not only is it unnecessary to do everything at once, but that we are incapable of doing so!

He did a masterful job of illustrating how inside of the whirlwind of everything we could do or even should do there are just a few, and ultimately ONE, that will have the biggest impact on our results.

When you adopt this mindset, life gets simpler and the road to progress becomes remarkably smoother.

So what does that look like in the life of a real estate agent?

Lets look at a few examples starting at the very beginning and the truth of the power of the ONE THING will become obvious and clear in your mind.

When you first decide to become a real estate agent you will undoubtedly need clients, you will need marketing pieces put together, you will need certain knowledge about contracts and processes etc…

However, before any of the later is comes into play you have to actually have a real estate license!

Without it none of the other items will matter. At that point in time getting licensed is the ONE THING!

When we accept this realization it allows us to let everything else go, for now, and focus on what Jay Pappasan and Gary Keller describe in “The One Thing” as the lead domino.

Once the first domino is toppled (getting your license) it is time to focus on the next…

But what is it?

Lets look at some of the options and decide from there:

  • Get business cards
  • Order Yard Signs
  • Set up website
  • Create fliers
  • Find clients

We could have a long debate of which of the above options is the lead domino and identifying the right answer can indeed be a slippery slope so lets experiment a bit.

One could argue that getting business cards, setting up a website and creating fliers etc. are tools to help you accomplish the one you are probably most interested in #5 finding clients.

What if you only did one? Which would be the most important?

If you only get business cards, it will not inherently bring us business.

You could have the coolest signs in the world but without a yard to place them in….. does it really matter?

It is important to not put the cart before the horse.

On the other hand is it possible to find clients without any of the other 4 options?

The answer is absolutely, yes it is.

The difference is that by finding clients you will be able to generate revenue for your business, which allows you to stay in the business and continue putting other pieces into place.

It is the only item on the list that does not require at least one of the other pieces as well.

Without it, any real estate career will be short lived or at the very least yield disappointing results.

The further we get into our career the more options we have to choose from and the tougher identifying the priority can seem. As you practice prioritizing, the good news is it becomes easier and at some point almost subconscious.

Once you have established your business one of the most important things we can do to aid us in finding clients if to have a regular communication plan that keeps us top of mind with potential customers in our marketplace.

Cracking the code of how to build value, keep people engaged and ensure that when they have a real estate need they call you is a constant struggle faced by real estate agents.

Without it our business is inconsistent, stress levels are high and working hours run rampant.

We have cracked this code and have a literal roadmap that you can use in your business to develop a consistent flow of business and build a list of engaged subscribers.

Often times we hear this and assume that it will be complicated, expensive or that its all hype… There is certainly plenty of that in our industry but I can assure you that the map and solutions we have built for you offer both a simpler alternative and better results at little to no cost.

I walk agents through this process in our daily demo session and wanted to invite you to come check it out for yourself. You can register for one of our upcoming sessions or get the on demand version using the link below.

This training is completely free and a convenient way for you to discover simple solutions that solve the daily challenge we face everyday as real esate agents.



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