Tidy up your Business

When it comes to our homes spring brings the call to tidy up a bit.

When it comes to your business the best time to do a bit of tidying up is now.

Let’s face it business can be chaotic. New plans can get derailed and old ones can deteriorate or have perhaps even been abandoned.

This can leave a lot of unnecessary clutter and debris that ultimately slows down progress. It can also wear you out carrying around all that extra baggage.
The good news is you don’t have to. You can clean up and let some of it go and lighten your load for next endeavor.

When we take a few moments to look at our business and identify the things that are causing a drain on our time, energy or finances we have an opportunity to make some dramatic improvements in both our results and quality of life!

As you look around you can see what isn’t working, cut it loose and reallocate those resources to double down on something that is or perhaps a new endeavor.
Let’s say for example you decided earlier this year to start doing a direct mail campaign to a neighborhood you would like to generate more business in.

You got all excited and spent the better part of a day designing the perfect post card for your first mailing.

Then you got really busy in the spring and forgot to send it out the second month…. In the third month you throw something together so you can check it off you list. Then you realize you don’t really have a great way to track the results you’re getting so you decide to hold off for a month until you can get a better solution in place. The next month, without being able to figure out a better tracking solution you go ahead and send it out anyway…. By now you are cringing every month the “post card mailing” pops up on your calendar.

Then you read this blog and stop for a minute to look around…

In the past 10 months you cannot say for certain if any of your postcards have generated business but it definitely cost you time and energy.
Meanwhile perhaps you have been having tremendous success hosting open houses or events or some other marketing initiative.

You don’t really want to “give up” the post card” because once you do that you are realizing a loss of all the time and energy you have put in so far.
But you take the advice of this post and you do it… you “KILL” the postcard and take those funds and put them into whats been working.

You use the time and energy you gained back to the same cause.

As a result your results increase along with you energy. You win.

To start to identify what areas in your business (we all have them) could use a little house cleaning or in some cases to just pitch it all together here are some questions to ask yourself:

Step 1:

1) If I had to eliminate 10 things from my business what would I get rid of?

– Then review the list and select the one that is requiring the most resources with the least positive gain. Let that one go (you can let others go as well)

Step 2:

Question: What has been working best in my business?

– Develop a plan to reallocate the resources from what you are letting go to what is working best


Question: What is a new initiative that you believe will produce better results?

– Develop a plan to reallocate the resources from what you are letting go to what is working best

Remember this is not about “losing” something, although it sometimes can feel that way. It is about gaining something. You are simply “top grading” what you and your business are doing by trading what’s not working for more of what is or to launch a new initiative.
So block a little time on your calendar to ask yourself some of these questions and enjoy the rewards of doing a little “house cleaning” in the interest of better results in your business and your sanity!

Journey On,

Brian Inskip


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