Beach front living!

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  • Brunswick and Pender County Beaches
  • 4 Beds+
  • 4 Baths

Buyers Property Description: 

We prefer the West end of Oak Island and are open to other options. This will be our home away from home, so we prefer areas away from public parking. This home will have to pretty much be what we are looking for or we will be building ourselvess. So if you have a lot that may be of interest to us let us know. We are looking for a home with at least 4 bedrooms, plenty of bathrooms, updated or at least not over priced that we could update. We'd love great views of the Ocean or Intracoastal Waterway being Ocean front or second row. We'd love multiple living spaces so the kids and adults can hang out separately at times. We've seen what's available, and would love to see what you have too.