Looking for a home in the South Bay; Single family or detached townhome

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  • Redondo Beach, Hermosa Beach, Palos Verdes
  • 3 Beds+
  • 2 Baths

Buyers Property Description: 

We are looking for a home that is already updated or is in need of a minor upgrade (e.g., bathrooms and maybe kitchen), an open floor plan, and a nice outdoor space.  We'd like to be close to the beach and walkable to restaurants, shops, etc.  Easy access to freeways for our commutes is preferred too. Ideally, it will have over 1,800 square feet and is located in Redondo Beach, Hermosa Beach or the surrounding areas.  We can accommodate a seller's timeline.  We prefer to be in the $1,300,000 range but could go higher for the perfect home.