Looking for a unique property with land and no HOA!

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  • Pender County, Brunswick County, New Hanover County
  • 2 Beds+
  • 2 + 1/2 Baths

Buyers Property Description: 

We are looking for a house without a HOA that has around an acre or more. The more the merrier! We love RVing and need a place to keep ours on our property. We love nature and being outside, so a beautiful lot is a plus. We want a home at least 1500 sqft, as we have a large family who visits often and we love having them over. We tend to prefer unique properties, with some character. We're not afraid to make some cosmetic changes or small renovations. However, if we didn't need to that would be great. We take good care of our homes and can't wait for our next move!