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  • Oak Island, North Carolina
  • 3 Beds+
  • 3 Baths

Buyers Property Description: 

Who's got our dream beach house on Oak Island??? 

We live in the Triangle area and have been coming to OKI for many years and are ready to get a place of our own... probably should have done this years ago but hey... we are ready now.

We are open to options and like different things about the Island that could all work for us. 

We are open to Beach front of first few rows and would preffer to be on the Ocean side of Oak Island drive but for the right property we would also consider something closer to the waterway or interior of the island.

We need at least 3 bedrooms, ocean or water views a huge plus... otherwise and outdoor space that already has or could accomodate a pool (if it's on the interior of the island).

Pricing depends on the property, if its turn key and close to the water we are looking to stay around $800,000. If its interior more around $600,000. We are also contractors so a rehab project is not out of the realm of possibility...

Please let us know if you have a place you think would be a good fit and would consider selling!