We are looking to buy a second home in Magnolia Greens or close by

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  • Leland, NC
  • 2 Beds+
  • 2 Baths

Buyers Property Description: 

We are ready to buy a second home in Leland to use when we visit our children and grandchildren. We really like the Magnolia Greens community and have stayed there many times over the years so that area would be ideal but we are open to others as well.

We are open to single family homes, townhomes or condo's. We are avid golfers so love being close by the course!

Our ideal home would have 3 bedrooms with at least 1 upstairs with its own bathroom to create 2 separate living spaces so our son has his own space while we are there. We would consdier a 2 bedroom if the layout is right or if it had a bonus room above the garage or something similar to that.

We prefer having a 2 car garage but could make do with 1 if we really like everything else.